Discharge Survey

1. Who was your treating Physical Therapist?

2. Why were you referred to physical therapy?

3. How did you hear about us?

4. If you visited our website, how easy was it to navigate?

5. At what point during your treatment did someone explain your insurance benefits to you?

6. Were there any misunderstandings regarding your insurance benefits?

7. After completing the appropriate forms, how long did you wait to see a physical therapist?

8. Besides your recent physical therapy treatment, have you had previous experiences with physical therapy?

9. If yes, how did we compare?

10. Are you completely satisfied with the overall care provided by your physical therapist?

11. What could we improve?

12. After receiving care, do you feel your problem/complaint has?

13. Would you consider return to Rehab Plus Physical Therapy for treatment?

14. Would you consider referring a friend or family member?

15. What could have been done differently?

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