4 Tips for Effective Weight Loss

For many of us, losing weight is a struggle. No matter what we do, we may have a tough time seeing the results we want. Every year we hear the latest news story about the latest fad diet that is guaranteed to take off 10 pounds in a month. Unfortunately, those regimens rarely work. The reason being because those fad and crash diets truly aren’t good for you, and aren’t helping you to lose weight and keep it off.

So what really is the key to healthy and successful weight loss?

Weight loss is actually a lot simpler than we make it out to be. It all starts with leading a healthy lifestyle – eating right, and exercising. Many of those fad diets focus on elimination; taking out certain foods that are “unhealthy”, and it’s often recommended to restrict your calories, or eat less. While they may produce the desired effect of weight loss, it’s only temporary.

If weight loss is your goal, then you should avoid those crazy fad diets. Instead, try the 4 tips listed below!

1) Add Healthy Foods

As we said before, many of those diets suggest you stop eating certain foods. But when diets are framed this way, they feel more like a punishment than something that will help us get fit. Instead of telling yourself what you can’t eat, start incorporating foods that are great for you that you don’t typically eat, and focus on what you can have.

Focus on lean proteins that will keep you fuller longer. This is especially important for breakfast. Eating eggs in the morning will help you make it all the way to lunch without needing (or wanting) a snack, because they’re full of protein, which produces the “full” feeling. And, you can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables. If you need to have grains, try to stick to eating whole grains for a healthier alternative to processed white flour.

2) Exercise

When it comes to exercise, choose something that you enjoy doing. Many people who are looking to lose weight develop an unrealistic workout routine that they rarely stick to because it feels like work to keep it up.

If you enjoy running, go for a run three or four times a week. If you prefer swimming, make sure to find time for your daily swim. When you enjoy exercising, it will become something you look forward to instead of something you look for an excuse to not do, and it will be easier to maintain the schedule.

3) Sleep Well

Getting an adequate amount of sleep, and good sleep, is key to healthy weight loss. When you sleep well, your body is able to burn more calories, even when you’re not exercising. Studies have shown that people who get enough sleep burn calories at a rate 5% higher than people who don’t sleep enough. You’ll also have more energy to get through your daily workout.

Best practice: Aim for at least seven hours of sleep a night.

4) Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can boost your metabolism by 24-30%. Wow! That means you’ll be capable of burning more calories throughout the day, just by hydrating.

Additionally, drinking a glass of water about half an hour before each meal will help you feel fuller, so you don’t need to eat as much.

Weight loss doesn’t have to be such a struggle. Creating a weight loss program for yourself that doesn’t feel restricting or demanding will help you lose weight, because then, you’re more likely to continue the program. These tips should help you develop a plan that works for you so that you can achieve your weight loss goals!